Coworking NOW

Coworking is a growing phenomenon. In France as well as abroad, in large cities as well as in smaller ones, premises rented to become shared work spaces are multiplying. According to an article in Challenges magazine dating from 2018, « today, in the centre of Paris, about a third of leases are taken out by coworking companies ». A work organization that has certain advantages.

The advantages of coworking

More and more people are starting to be self-employed teleworkers. But the isolation they feel at home pushes them to find an alternative, and coworking presents itself as an ideal solution. They have a personal space, can exchange whenever they want with their coworkers and take advantage of the services sometimes offered on the spot (relaxation area, gym, training or meeting rooms, crèche…).

This sharing of premises and ideas can encourage creativity and the creation of joint projects. It is possible to rent a coworking space in a flexible way, for a day, a week, a month, a year… More and more lessors are offering competitive rates that will satisfy workers who do not have a large budget to allocate to renting professional premises.

An expanding market

In an ever-changing labour market, the creation of sole proprietorships is becoming more and more common. As a result, coworking is also expanding. According to the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion, nearly 700 coworking spaces were identified in 2018 on French territory by the BAP group (Bureaux à Partager) compared to 120 in 2013.

Some portals specialized in coworking such as in the search and accompaniment of a coworking space have been created over the years in this expanding sector.

Around 35% of these shared premises are located in the Paris region, particularly in the ninth arrondissement of Paris and the La Défense district. Coworking spaces will develop further in the coming years and, in particular, will reach rural areas.

Companies specialising in coworking

Coworking is a working method adapted to freelance workers or creators of start-ups specialized in many sectors of activity: computer science, communication, graphic design, architecture, real estate, web writing… This buoyant market therefore encourages more and more companies to specialise in the rental of shared workspaces.

This is notably the case of Wework, founded in the United States in 2010 and present in nearly forty countries around the world. The Nexity real estate group recently entered this market by taking over 54% of the capital of the Morning Coworking network.